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Seller’s Guide

Sell Quick. Sell Smart.

Ready to sell your boat? Whether this is your first time or you’re a seasoned seller, our tools and resources will help you every step of the way. Get the best price in the shortest time. Contact us today to start selling.

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Why Choose Sunshine Cruising Yachts?

We have carefully chosen our growing team of professional brokers, all of whom are boaters with unique areas of knowledge. We will connect you with the right person that will guide you through the process to meet your goals. Sunshine Cruising Yachts brokers are conveniently located in all areas to serve our customers, making it easier to show your yacht to potential buyers no matter where you are located.

You need to have a relationship with your broker that is based on trust and integrity. We promise to exemplify both.

We are educated in the marketing trends and the buying and selling climate. We take that knowledge and better serve our customers. Using a wide range of tools, we provide a free in-depth market appraisal of your yacht, assuring your vessel is priced correctly.

We have established careful guidelines that our brokers follow to ensure that your yacht is represented in the best light possible. We take professional photos and videos and have a reputation for including as much information as we can, which has been proven to sell yachts faster.

We take marketing to the next level, by our simple approach of meeting the demands of the buyers. We employ all tools that the MLS sites such YachtWorld and others have to offer, such as enhanced listings and data analysis of your listing. We also have a wide social media reach using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, our own website and other platforms to get your vessel exposed to the widest possible audience.

Most of our listings are available for co-brokerage with any professional brokerage house, allowing us to work with buyers from all over the world.

We put buyers in direct contact with your SCY listing broker, instead of an administrator or call center who is unfamiliar with your yacht. This increases our chances of introducing potential buyers to your yacht.

We work within an exclusive group within the marine industry and we nurture these relationships carefully. Through us, you gain access to all our proven network of captains, surveyors, detailers, divers, mechanics and many other professionals, as well as buyers and agents in the community.

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Why Choose a US Brokerage When Selling in French Polynesia?

You’ve decided to give the market a try while cruising in the South Pacific, congrats! In some cases, selling beyond US borders can benefit the seller. So why choose us when there are local brokers and large remote brokerage options online?

Local broker Teare “Tahiti” Mariteragi-Nofziger is your liaison to French Polynesia. Combining her professional sailing and marine industry experience with her local knowledge, Teare is SCY’s South Pacific bridge (e’aturu in Tahitian). Teare strives to connect the right people. As she is an American/Tahitian resident based in French Polynesia, she speaks the local languages, she keeps up to date with local regulations, and she is available to show your yacht to potential buyers - even if you aren’t currently on island!

As our brokerage is based in the USA, we are well versed in Vessel Documentation formalities and other transition-related paperwork specific to documented vessels. You can also feel confident knowing that escrow money is safely handled within the US. Dealing with transactions in this way can sometimes help in keeping wire-transfer fees down. With us, you needn’t worry about money abroad nor the potential headaches that come with international bank transfers.

"Ia orana!
Just a little introduction...

specific to documented vessels. You can also feel confident knowing that escrow money is safely handled within the US. Dealing with transactions in this way can sometimes help in keeping wire-transfer fees down. With us, you needn’t worry about money abroad nor the potential headaches that come with

international bank transfers.

I’m Teare, your local SCY yacht broker in Tahiti. I’ve sailed all around the Pacific, from the Pacific Northwest all the way to Australia on various trips/boats, and of course I’ve enjoyed

exploring numerous ports along the way. My most recent longer bluewater passages were in 2019 from Washington to Hawaii at 7 months pregnant (is she crazy?), and Hawaii to Tahiti in 2020 as both a crewmember and the mother/caregiver for my 7-month-old baby boy. It’s safe to say, I love time on the ocean, I love sailing, I love to live the boating/cruising lifestyle.

I have also gained experience in boat maintenance and repairs. In Hawaii, my husband and I ran a boat restorations and repair business. We handled large custom fiberglass fabrication and repairs (and small), custom woodwork, bottom/blister jobs, paint and varnish jobs, you name it! We love to work the boatyard, and we love to take care of boats who need that extra love.

With all the seatime and experiences that I’ve been so lucky to collect up until now, of course I had to go for my Captain’s license. I subsequently worked as a licensed boat captain for a popular dive boat for a short time in Hawaii before the crisis took over the world.

Most recently, I moved my family to Tahiti so we could spend the younger years of my children’s lives living near Tahitian family. When we settled in here, I decided that I would work to incorporate all my experiences, knowledge, and skills acquired to become another great local option for yacht sales and boat repairs. I hope I can help out in your situation, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out anytime... Brokerage related, cruising related, French Polynesia related, or whatever, don’t hesitate to send an email and let’s chat!"

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The process from listing to close

Once the listing agreement is signed and all necessary documents collected, we will set up a time to photograph and film the yacht. It is best for the vessel to be in the water, staged, and free of personal items and clutter during this process. Better photos and video mean the yacht will sell faster, so no persons will be on the vessel during the process of photos and video being taken.

  • We will ask you for a thorough and complete list of equipment, electronics, and updates to your vessel. Please take the time to compile this, as more information means the yacht will sell faster.

  • Once we build the listing, we will submit it to you for viewing. A listing can always be changed, and we value your input.

  • We will offer you feedback based on our showings. Listen to feedback with an open mind. The purpose is to help your yacht sell faster and fix any issues.

  • Allow us to negotiate for you. If you do meet a potential buyer, make sure you only talk about the positive experiences you’ve had aboard the yacht and do NOT discuss price. If the buyer tries to engage you in a conversation about the price of the yacht, give them our contact information and have them call us. Even disclosing the reason, you are selling the yacht to a potential buyer could have a negative impact on the negotiation process. Let us do the work for you.

  • We will present all initial offers to you in writing. Again, allow us to advise and negotiate on your behalf. We want to get you the best price for your yacht.

  • Once a written offer has been accepted, a 10% refundable deposit will be placed by the buyer in an escrow account. This means that the yacht is officially “under contract” and coordination of survey and sea trial will begin.

  • Prepare your yacht for the survey. We have created a convenient checklist for you to use in this process, and we are here to answer any questions. If you are unable to run the yacht for the survey, have a captain or designated representative run her for you. We can even provide you with a list of captains.

  • Typically, in the US, within three to five days after the survey, we expect to receive a letter of acceptance from the buyer. This is because the buyer generally has to wait for and read over the survey report, discuss the findings, and wait for oil samples to be processed. International buyers may take more time to respond as they often have more “moving parts” in their plans to purchase, but they are normally very serious buyers as reflected in the extra work they’ve committed to seeing your boat. Please be patient with the process.

  • Once the acceptance form is signed, we proceed to closing. If the buyer signs the acceptance and then fails to complete the deal, the buyer forfeits their deposit, and it is split between you and the brokers involved in the deal.

  • Should the buyer sign a rejection form, the purchase agreement is terminated, and the buyer’s deposit is returned.

  • Renegotiation should always be handled by us. In a case where significant issues are found by the surveyor or the vessel is valued below the negotiated price, the buyer may ask to adjust the price. This can be a tricky and awkward process—let us handle it. It is always best to assign a dollar amount to an issue rather than offering to repair the yacht. Repairs can take valuable time, and the buyer should be given the opportunity to choose their own repair facility/contractor once the sale is completed.

  • Closings are always done remotely and are coordinated by us, a buyer’s broker should there be one involved, and a closing company. The closing procedure ensures that there are no liens on the vessel, and complete registration and/or documentation for the buyer with bills of sale, warranties of title, power of attorney forms, and any other documentation required to complete the sale are provided.

  • The closing company will send these documents to you with VERY SPECIFIC instructions. Please make sure you follow these instructions. Normally you will have to print these documents, sign in front of a notary, and mail these documents along with your original USCG document, title, and/or registration paperwork directly to the closing company.

  • We or the buyer’s broker will send you documents to sign in YachtCloser and will ask for your wiring information. Once all paperwork is fully executed and the purchase has been fully funded by the buyer, you will receive copies of all paperwork via email and your funds will be wired to you that day. We or the buyer’s broker will always call you to verbally verify wiring information before initiating the wire.

The official US Notary is located at the US Consular Agency in Punaauia, Tahiti, French Polynesia. There are other methods of notarizing documents abroad, but this would be the official option. You can schedule an appointment by phone or email.

B.P. 381616
98718 Punaauia
Polynésie Française Tel:(+689) 40 42 65 35 Fax: 50 80 96 email:

There are many options to mail documents to the closing company, some of which include the following places. You may be able to coordinate with your broker to help in this process.

Teare offers other services independent of her affiliation with Sunshine Cruising Yachts. Ultimately, though, completing these documents are the responsibility of the seller.


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